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Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.

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Joel Heaton has led UX (User Experience) projects, teams and practices. With an arsenal of graphic design, creative direction, marketing, animation, fine art and web technologies he leads teams and practices with didactic and engaging presentations and focus. For over 20 years he has explored a thirst in communications and how best it can be utilized by users and consumers. At this point he is a passionate UX Researcher, Strategist and a Senior UX Designer. Always designing, always creating and always iterating.


Senior UX Design Professional

Armed with UX (User Experience) / UCD (User Centered Design) certification Joel enters any development arena armed with UX methodologies, practices and tools that drive or supplement any development project. Within his toolkit he navigates through UX processes such as: Discovery reviews for requirements, defining development priorities, defining goals and user needs, stakeholder/user interviews, gap analysis and competitive analysis. By supplementing strategy documents with user flows, pathways, journey maps, persona development, task flows and card sorting he strikes. Stealthily he builds wireframes, prototypes and interactive mock-ups that infiltrate any dev, marketing, creative or project team. By conquering any validations with usability testing, A/B testing and other surveillance methods, he conquers.
Support documentation that validates and defines user needs and development priorities are presented in findings decks along with prototype solutions for development. His ability to create presentations and call out user experience needs are insightful and provides clarity for teams large and small. He is passionate about design and the UX practices we are developing in the current technology climate. He loves his profession and understands people, developers and colleagues.

User Feature Analysis
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User Flow
User Flow
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Usability Validations


As a graphic designer for over 20 years I have engaged and experienced all facets of creative direction, illustration, photography and marketing engagements from a plethora of industries. Medical, Engineering, Broadcast, Investments and Product Development.

Altitude Sports 2011
Illustration 2013
Covidien: EBD 2012
Denver Advertising 2011
Dalai Lama/PBS 2008
Autodesk 2013


I have been animating in 2D since 2002. With the emergence of mobile devices, smart tv and video technologies there is no shortage of content to animate. Whether it is creative writing, infographics or medical animation I can launch a socially integrated platform that is responsive, driven by Wordpress and clean. Follow the project at Steven R Leonard


I have been an artist my whole life. Most times it affects everything in my life. My greatest joy in life would be to create all the time. Music, animation, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography.